Saturday, 6 June 2015

Keeping busy: Characters and UI

With the De Montfort deadline for Off The Map over, my team decided to take a week off and come back to decided whether or not we wanted to continue ans submit this project to the official Game city competition.

Within that week I decided to enter the CG Cookie Spring contest! The theme was "Rose Princess" and I chose to produce two concepts, for the same character based on a pink rose. On the first is the Pink Rose Princess in her casual attire in the wood of her homeland. The daughter of the Tree king and White Rose Queen, she is left to her own devices, exploring the vast woods with her insect friends and younger siblings. The second image however  is the princess is in the land of her betrothed the Red Rose prince, where it is encouraged for her to look as red as possible to not offend the royal family.

I also revisited the design of my second Dichotomous Duo character "Ice". A character I plan to model over the summer.

"Ice" initial orthographic.
Meeting back with the team last week, we decided to  in fact continue with the Off The Map project. I'm glad about this in that I would like to complete this project like we set out to do for the competition, else it would feel like a waste. Though I do feel aphrehension about the next few weeks as there is a lot to fix, and enthusiasm for the project isn't high. To help out I went through the whole game and took screenshots (with notes) on every issue that I could find, game breaking or otherwise. This should make it easier for the team as we now have a clear to do list.

There are a lot of problems
With that finished and available to the team I spent most of that week Designing the UI  and dialogue for our Off The Map Level:

Start Menu (Photoshop)
User Interface Texture
Dialogue Text
I'm also in the process of over painting  Jake's Alice Texture, Iv'e almost finished but I have yet to redo the hair.

Initial over paint
Current Comparison
All in all it's been very busy these past couple of weeks. This week will be spent putting my UI into engine, finishing off Alice and helping out with anything else. After that my time with OTM will be over and I can finally start to have a bit of a holiday.