Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Why I Haven't been writing

So, it's been quite awhile since I wrote here, and forever since I wrote anything related to the set critical studies tasks this blog was set up for. There are a few reasons for this some that I guess only hit home with today's sessions on blog writing.
The main reasons I haven't wrote anything much in this blog is because I felt (and still feel) like I'm talking to thin air and that gets really boring and pointless after a while. Especially when you have to write an essay style piece of writing in that setting. Until recently I haven't had any feedback or really any kind of response to this blog, so it's taken a back seat to everything, because really this blog  isn't like the other modules in my course, where there's set spaces and times to work on it. If I go into labs where I work on the other modules of my course, I can find at least a handful of other people that are working on the same thing, we can discuss what we're working on and help each other, the feedback's right there. With this blog it's just me working, in my room, and it's really boring. So I'm very detached from this blog, and critical studies in terms of the other aspects of my course and just my working patterns, and I honestly have no idea how to fix that at this moment, maybe I'll get a writing buddy one day.

 Either way expect some spam over the next few weeks as I go through and fill in the gaps of work I've left, starting with the February challenge that I haven't updated yet.

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