Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Week11- Dichotomous Duo submission

The final week of this term, and the deadline for the Character Project has just passed, and I'm feeling alright with how things turned out. Texturing and final rendering/polishing were the last stages of my character creation. Painting the diffuse texture, as always was my favourite part of the modelling, and with my previous paint over to work from it went by a lot faster than normal. I also dipped into the 3D coat software which really helped me paint out the seams of my texture. Though I did struggle with texturing the hair of my character, but I honestly had problems with that hair from the beginning so it wasn't much of a surprise.

Diffuse Texture
Unfortunately I caught a stomach bug that week, which completely wrecked any chance of productivity for a few days. This meant I did not get to do more than a diffuse and normal map from my texturing. I also could not polish up my model and do proper renderings, which sucks but I'm glad the bulk of my texturing was finished before I became ill.

Finished Model

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