Sunday, 2 February 2014

Catching up and Moving forward

I've been putting off updating this blog because a lot has happened over the past couple of months, all work related and most of it could have definitely been put onto this blog. Unfortunately I found myself in a cycle where I would find something to write about, let the opportunity to write about t pass, and then let that stop me from writing anything new. As a result the original plan was to sum up everything that has happened, my Christmas break, thoughts on my first term at university, catching up with and resubmitting work. But really the time’s past for that.

So, moving on.

Last week was a week long intensive 2D workshop where we were given the task to design a vehicle starting off with a random item of choice. My item was my 3DS charger, and though you can't really see aspect of the charger in my final it did kick-start the concept. I learnt a lot about using silhouettes and finding ideas in not so obvious places. I also went back to using processes that I learnt back when I did product design, something that I missed and am glad I can get back to in this course.  At the end of the week I came to this, a concept for solar powered underwater tourist ship:
and to be honest I'm not at all happy with how this ended, there's a tonne of stuff wrong with it and while I found this process fun, I realised that I really need to work on drawing and rendering vehicles. One week isn't enough for me to really get into this, so I'm starting a small personal project. For 3 years I've taken up a challenge to draw every day in February, you could draw whatever you wanted just as long as it was finished. Last year was the only year I successfully completed it so I'm going to continue the trend, just with a focus this time.

My goal is to draw a vehicle everyday in February (as I'll be starting on the 3rd, I'm going to carry on until the 3rd of March to get my full month) Whether these are hand drawn, traditional, studies of real vehicles, making my own, or all of the above  remains to be seen. I'll be updating this blog every week or two with what I've done and what I've learnt. So let's do this!

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