Wednesday, 21 May 2014

End of the year

The final hand in for all of my work was a few days ago, so I've officially finished my first year of university. Frankly I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm glad that I've completed a fairly large body of work in the past like 7 months. But there is a certain level of indifference towards the work that I produced, though it's not really as bad as it sounds. How I look at my own work has changed since I started this course. Now I can look at my sketchbooks and feel proud of a collective work, but if I took a page out at random and threw it away, I wouldn't loose sleep over it. Beforehand everything was precious, and everything had to be perfect. I would feel terrible about drawing  the bad drawings in my sketchbooks, like I'd ruined the whole sketchbook with a page, and that would frustrate me and stop me drawing. Now if I draw something bad in my sketchbook I'm like "eh" likewise if I draw something good,  there's still an "eh" element to it, I've done it, it looks cool but I can quickly move on from it. That being said that doesn't mean there isn't work that I'm proud of, and I can see overall improvement with my work, which is great, that's why I'm here.
I've improved at drawing in general, I'm  faster at getting work done, I don't stress (as much) about the end result of my work. I'm definitely more confident in my abilities, which manifests itself in the fact that now I do a lot of my drawing outside and around other people, rather than by myself something I couldn't have done beforehand, at least not without hiding my sketchbook from passer bys. But I think the main change is less in the end result of my work, and more in my work processes/ethic and mindset.

Some favourites from the year:
Out of the 150 or so images I produced for this particular  project, this is my personal favourite

This was the last project of the year, a 2 hour sketch. and it was just nice to wind down to produce something I felt proud of.
Oh and I also won a little texturing competition, which was a nice confidence boast in terms of my 3D.

Over the next week or so I want to look critically at my work and begin summer study.
I plan to keep this blog updated with work and goals over the summer, so the next post will probably be about that!

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