Saturday, 28 June 2014

Keeping Busy

So an update on what I've been up to these past few weeks. Myself, and my sister Lizzy partnered up to create a game to enter in The Indie game maker contest 2014 ( We had one month to create a game from scratch, with me taking the art side of it, Lizzy taking the programming. and of course both of us working together to create the story and concept of the game.

The main aim of this game is that you play as the leader of a small village, and have 5 days to prepare yourself against destruction, with 3 main paths you can take to save yourself and your subjects. For the game I created quite a few "advisers", characters the player chooses to aid them throughout the 5 days of preparation. Each has unique skills that can help or hinder you throughout the game.  Designing these characters took a massive chunk out of my time, and I found that in the beginning of this project, I really didn't have an efficient way of working on something to this scale. Normally I would spend a few days, sometimes weeks fleshing out and rendering a character. Which doesn't really cut it when you have 10+ characters to create all to a consistent standard. So in the end I adjusted how I worked and the overall style of my work to get the job done and I'm happy with the results. So here's all of the current character profiles  as they were to appear in game:
 Unfortunately we could not produce enough to finish this game for the contest, we'll still probably develop this in our spare time, and I'm happy with the work we put out this month.

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