Sunday, 31 August 2014

30 day Portrait Challenge

About a month a go I completed a 30 day portrait challenge inspired by Chris Legaspi's 5 minute portraits:

After seeing this I wanted to take the challenge and get to the point where I could construct a portrait quickly as well as accurately.I also wanted to used this challenge to get back into the habit of drawing daily. I considered putting all of my portraits into on large image, but I kept putting it off, so I'll just compile all of them into one post. these are all from the oldest to newest.

 For the last couple of days I dabbled a little in colour and value studies:

I learnt a tonne from this challenge, and it's a good feeling know that I can actually produce a fairly accurate portrait in a small amount of time, now I can crank these out in around 5-10 minutes as opposed to worrying over portrait sketches for hours.

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