Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week 5: Sentry Turrets!

With the film Room Project now completed and behind me, it's time to move on to the Sentry Turret Project! This is the first solo project of the year and we've pretty much been given free rein to design our own turret. I came into this project with a lot of ambition, but over the course of the week I've had to dial things down a little. My initial thoughts were to do a poisonous/carnivorous plant type turret along with ideas for a Tesla coil type turret. While Gathering images and research on my main inspirations for this project I was shown some images of perfume bottles, which in many cases looked like gun barrels in themselves. so I incorporated that into my research as well. At the end of this I produced a stupidly large board.

Having completed my mood board I began  the frankly tedious process extracting silhouettes from parts of the images to later use in thumb nailing.  I had a few issues with this as a lot of the initial interesting shapes and patterns were lost in extraction. And looking back at this now I really should have honed in on a few strong images as I took way too many on for this initial stage. But I did manage to get some cool looking turrets from the silhouettes I took.

From here I took a few that I liked and iterated them slightly, but at this point I'm loosing a lot of the drive I had going into this project, so for next week I need to go into some colour and 3D. Renew myself a little.

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