Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 16: Bits and Peices

Well this last week has been very much as mishmash of work, so this blog post is a reflection of that. I started the week out with drawing out a few concepts for the basic housing the container town. since I'm not great at photobashing I found sketching with notes a lot faster for this process. This is going to be a realistic level so I didn't do much in terms of drawing out concepts, my  time instead was spent finding reference for various assets, to later be 3D modelled, that could then be put into our level.

Asset Reference
After this I spent some time sorting out the atmosphere of the level, just by painting and overlaying some colours over some screenshots of our level. Later on this week I should get the time to figure out how to bring one of these thumbnails to life in unreal 4.

As well as the above concepting I took one of my favourite areas of the level, the alleyway and attempted a paint over of it, again I realised that that wasn't really the best time to do that, having so much work to get through. So instead I just made a basic sketch over the screenshot to get a basic idea of what I want it to look like. Maybe when I get the time I'll learn how to effectively photobash concepts, but for this project I unfortunately don't have the time to learn and practise the skill to the point where it'd be helpful for the project.
Close to the end of the week I figured that it was time to start modelling some assets. My main aim in 3D is to focus on the assets that go directly onto the container homes, though I threw in some general street assets as well. These are all Modelled, unwrapped, and ready to be textured.

I plan to dedicate this week to texturing these assets and creating the materials for all of the duplicate containers of the level. I'd also like to sort out lighting of this level, make it more like the thumbnails I drew out. This should bring the project out of the white box stage into something even more solid. Though I plan to be more organised with my work this week, it is looking up to be another mishmash of work as the project passes the half way point. There's a lot of bits and pieces to be done and I seem lined up to do a lot of them. Here's hoping that my group can get this level to almost completion by the end of the week.

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