Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Week 17: Cranking out a level

Over the course of a week our Container City has gone from this:

To this!

I'm just going to go ahead and count this as a a victory. I completed what I set out to do and more, to help take our container city  level out of the white box stage. My textures and decals for the duplicated containers were finished , along with my assets last week.  With those out of the way I set about  arranging and replacing the main container blocks with my edited models, and applying my material to it.

Assets,container and texture examples

From there I began the task of placing all of the completed assets into the level. Unfortunately a lot of my time this week was spent troubleshooting either my own work (mainly getting decals and sprites to work in game), or my team-mates assets (sorting out export errors, scaling, textures and light maps) which has taken a lot more time than I would have liked to get fixed, but at the moment though the world is looking good!

One of my main achievements for this week happened today, with blueprinting the key and door mechanic of the level. Zhane had already made a working opening door beforehand, my job was to make it so the door couldn't be opened without a key, and would then open once the key was found and brought to the door. Though there were hiccups along the way and in the end I needed to help of other students (and YouTube) to get this done the mechanic works! I also completed a stretch goal by adding an extra mesh to the door (which will be replaced by a lock mesh) that is present on the door, but destroyed once the key is used on it.

With a few days left until hand in my to do list almost has everything crossed off. My main goal is to model and texture the lock and key for the door and to continue to place and populate the level with the current assets. Unfortunately it has come to the point where assets and components that need extensive troubleshooting probably won't get put into the level, as it is too close to the deadline to have to deal with that. This level is turning out a lot  better than I imagined, I'm positive that we can get our level finished, whether or not we can get fancy with it is another thing entirely. So here's to the final push to Friday.

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