Sunday, 1 February 2015

Week 18: Finshed Container City

Friday 30th January marked the end of the Container City project, and when all was said and done we came out with a pretty decent level, met the brief and had a good reception of the level in our final presentation, which is great! Here's the final level play through:

Now some beauty shots from the level:

The area where you start the game

If you look back you'll find this collapsed, abandoned area

After walking a little you have the option of going through this alleyway

at the end of the alleyway you'll find a locked door and will need to travel back through the town to find the "keys"

The town being filled with various stalls and places of business:

and a utility room, where you find the keys to the lock (which are actually bolt-cutters)

 From there you can open the chained doors and walk through to the end of the level

The End!

Now for some of the things I personally worked on during this project:

Though the original container mesh was not made by myself I think the slight variations in the containers did help break up the monotony of the levels landscape wall a bit.

My container base textures and decals are one of my main contributions to this level asset wise. As they were the building blocks of the level I really wanted to make them look good without making them look to duplicated. I believe I achieved that with the use of 2 separate base textures, and an assortment of decals. Learning about material instancing and decals in the process was also plus.

Though my assets weren't the best, I did learn an efficient way of texturing more modular components (the doors and windows) by building the assets straight out of a texture that already adheres to the  "snap to" grid format. Though it wasn't that appropriate for our level as the container blocks could not snap to the level grid. it was still a cool thing to learn. hopefully I can use it in another project. There is more that I want to do on this level,  but its mostly little additions and fixes with lights and  particle effects.

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