Sunday, 22 February 2015

Week 21: Rabbits and Block Outs

For the most part this week has been spent working on my White Rabbit designs for Off The Map. Continuing from the favourite design from last week, developing it in terms of clothing and body shape to get a design that I could then take to the orthographic stage.

Design 6 was taken to the orthographic stage
However when producing the orthographic drawings,  I found that the design was very bland and I wasn't really feeling it. 

So I went into the values of my design and painted  a few iterations, trying the find the character through painting in some details. I began by focussing in on the face, as I felt I lost a lot of my original design in the orthographics. I wanted to keep the slightly tired look of the Rabbit and convey  character that at first glance gave off an "I don't have time for you or your nonsense." personality. something that I gathered from the original text with how the White Rabbit quickly left the scenes where Alice is messing around with her size, and the authoritative way in which he addressed her, when mistaking her for Mary Ann.

Eventually I found a face that I liked for the Rabbit, but then ran into the problem of the clothes being too simple, so I decided to go back and look at the  original illustrations and played with having the rabbit in its red queen outfit, as opposed to the waistcoat that he starts the story in. which helped inspire the later clothing iterations of the rabbit. 

Design 1, with aspects of design 5 was the favourite in my team
orthographic drawings based on the combined design
With That I began modelling a base mesh for this character, and promptly ran into another problem, his ears.
The big floppy ears of the rabbit was something that I loved in this design, but they will clip into his arms. Unless I can somehow set up free flowing physics within the ears they'll have to go. So it's time to back pedal a bit on this guys design, replacing the ears, probably the hat as well, and tweaking him a little bit.

Near the end of the week I dabbled in producing a block out scene for my water level, though I've found that I'm not great at it. I'm completely fine with the 2D designs but when it comes to engine, things get difficult. So it may be a case of passing this on to either Jake or Emily, the engine people of the team, or at least getting some help from them.
2D silhouettes design
The current, basic Ue4 block out

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