Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Week 20- Rabbits and Silhouettes

This week was very much about finding our feet as a group, and trying to figure out where our game was going in terms of level design. Since we didn't have  concrete art direction we all set out to concept some level environments and look into overall style of our game. Most of this was done via photo-bashing, however I'm not great at that (luckily my team makes up for it) so I focused on  shapes and silhouettes, which helped add some depth to the levels.
These silhouettes provided enough information to start making levels out of, so I can put off photo-bashing for the time being
various combinations of the above shots
The second half of my week I dedicated to studying rabbits and putting out some potential designs for the White Rabbit character. It was very difficult for me to get anything decent for these, since I haven't had much practice with drawing animals, though I can't really fault the job since it lets me look at adorable rabbits all day. By the end of the week I selected these White Rabbits to present to my team:
Funnily (or frustratingly) enough at the end of the day the top right rabbit was chosen for further iterations, one of the first rabbits I drew. This design was chosen for his "speedy" look and unimpressed expression. Though I love how the bearded rabbits came out, they did not look quick enough to fit the part of Carroll's illusive rabbit.  I'll be exploring the White Rabbits design and look through out the coming weeks.

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