Monday, 4 May 2015

Week 31- Wrapping up

A quick update on Off the Map. This week was spent just finishing off any loose assets for our level. Mine included the "Eat me" Cake, a Victorian clock and various flowers.
"Eat me" Cake complete with card and Lewis Carol's handwriting
Lewis Carols original manuscript
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures Under Ground, page 10Copyright © The British Library Board
Clock Asset
Foxgloves asset, and materiel instances
I also began the texturing process for the White Rabbit. Since this character is already modelled and in game this is the last step I need to do. It's also the last asset I need to complete for the De Montfort hand in.
Quick colour passes. 3 will be the main design with aspects of 5 and 6

If all goes according to plan I should have the rabbit finished by mid-week, freeing myself up to do any quick fixes to the level leading up to hand in.

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