Thursday, 14 May 2015

Week 32:Final Week

This week I finished off the White Rabbit model and wrapped up all of my work for the DMU Off the Map hand in. Starting from the colour pallet tests from last week I moved onto adjusting the UV unwrap of my model and texturing the rabbit.

The jacket pattern from 6 was combined with the overall look of 3
I had a lot of trouble with the fur texture on  this character as I made space in the Uvs for fur alphas. However I wasn't sure if I could ad them in time so I set about trying to make the fur as good as possible without them. In the middle of texturing I found that the neck area didn't look right so I painted over my work to break up the neck area more and balance the model. When I was happy with the paint over I finished up the texture, polished the rig and made sure everything worked in engine.

Final Albedo map "White Rabbit Body"
Final Albedo map "White Rabbit accessoriesCertain aspects of the model such as the original scarf and fur alphas were omitted from the final White Rabbit, so there are gaps to the uv unwrap
Marmoset Renders
White Rabbit in game
Overall I'm very proud with how my character ended up. I did what I set out to do in a technical sense, by making a fully rigged and playable character, and I am confident that I'd be able to do this with any new characters I create. Visually I like the overall look of the rabbit, and believe he fits in well with the underground level. If I were to go back I'd play around with fur alphas, and putting physics on the ears.

The Rabbit was finished mid week so from there I was freed up to do some odd texturing jobs for my team. I ended up texturing some books, the leaf you ride on in the garden level and the main pillar featured in the underground level.

"Big leaf" Asset Modelled by Olivia Anderton.
"Pillar" asset, Modelled and normal mapped by Hannah Simmons
"Book" assets modelled by Jake Roddis.
 Then it was just  finishing up this project with documentation. I'll go more into the whole project in my next post.But the end of this project marks the end of the second year of this course, going to get more into that later as well.

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