Saturday, 7 November 2015

Week 5- Refinement

To begin the week I finished off the initial thumbnails of my Nano pirates. With my 12 characters chosen I moved onto refining their designs, and laying down the flat colours for each of them, ready for rendering. The majority of my characters went through this process with ease though I have had a few design issues with my Captain, Quartermaster and the Chef family.

I found that amongst my other designs the captain got lost, he is so far the weakest design as he doesn't quite fit with the rest of the crew.Firstly because his colors are desaturated compared to the others and though I wanted him to be short to emphasise his uselessness in comparison to the rest of the crew this became too much. Here it was suggested to me to give him a large hat, or stilts, so I could keep his original height, but bring him up to the level of the crew artificially.

The quartermaster needed some tweaking, the caterpillar around her neck was not reading well and I could not figure out a way of giving it a face (so I can show that it is alive) without it looking too cartoon like, or creepy. The green colour also blended too much with her overall outfit. So I changed it too a worm, as it's a change in colour and it works without a face.

Chef Family:
My fruit and vegetable Pirates have changed quite a bit from their thumbnails, First of all I wanted to figure out their face shapes as this wasn't clear when I was thumbnailing them. Though I originally chose the highlighted set of faces I felt like they didn't work so I'm still working on them. The Candy Sister needed general refining, so again I played around with her face shape and clothing. I wanted to keep her unkempt look, cupcake case skirt and toothy smile regardless of the changes and I believe I came out with a stronger design. At the end of the week I began rendering out my characters.

Unfortunately I did not reach my goal of being completely finished with my character sheets, so I may have to polish the designs I already have to a promotional standard. Rather than make new illustrations like I originally planned.

So my goals for the end of next week are to finish my character lineup, and create their ship.with the stretch goals of:

Thumbnailing promotional illustrations of my pirates in context.

- Complete a full character sheet (expressions, detail shots, extra poses) for one of my Pirates.

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