Thursday, 12 November 2015

Week 6.1 Rendering out and finishing up

The final week of this project began with finishing off all of my character renders. The rendering process went smoothly for the majority of my characters, with small changes going on throughout. the captain and the carpenter character had the largest amount of changes to them:

I completely revamped the captains look and colour palette to fit in with the rest of the crew. I discarded my initial idea of having his clothes made out of fake monopoly money as this didn't seem to work out pallet wise. his just ended up too desaturated/neutral to fit in with the rest of the crew. so i gave him a more traditional pirate look, with a hint to his money loving ways represented by the coin on his belt. and the his ridiculousness of his weapon stayed.

The carpenter character poses did not work in the lineup so i went out changing it, though it's better, i feel like design in general no longer works with the crew, so i'd like to redesign him at a later point. With the lineup set I went about presenting my characters. my previous project lacked consistent presentation so I produced a standard sheet for all of my characters.

I unfortunately did not have time to make promo images for my pirate crew, though i'd like to go back to that later on. though I did do some character exploration with my sailmaster Mache with the hope or completing a character sheet for promotional purposes. though it didn't happen, i have something to build on in the future.

I love how the final lineup looks, though I did not go into enough detail with the lighting like I would have like to as I needed to move onto the vehicle design of this project.

I was stuck for what to do with this vehicle I ended up roughly thumbnailing out and idea of having a duck carrying the pirate crew, with them riding on rubber ducks behind it. this idea good initially but it would have taken too long to concept out the rubber ducks like I wanted. with each character having their own personalised duck. I played around with the idea of toy wooden boats, boats in general, and a miss-matched of a monster truck vehicle idea was thrown around too.

In the end I kept the duck idea and ended up roughly photobashing a pack mule type character.

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