Sunday, 5 October 2014

Week 1: Back to School!

So things have been busy for the past month, but the main event of September is going back to university! Lucky I feel less overwhelmed than I did last year, though that feeling hasn't completely gone away, mainly due to the fact that the Game Art curriculum is in the process of being completely rewritten There is also a full week of timetabled university time now, as opposed to the half week timetable that I had in the first year. The introduction of some new software, unreal engine 4 has also posed some problems for me because of the default learning curve. But that is what it is. I do feel that I can be more organised with this years projects though. Instead of having many separate projects between the three modules, which would all have deadlines for around the same time. There are now larger projects that expands over all of the modules, so it meshes a little better, and overall is less stress inducing (for now, may change my mind later.) So gone are the days were I just had to pick which module I was going to fail(well put on hold) for the week. Group work is also a thing now.

To be honest There's a lot of new things to adjust to and as much as as I've complained throughout the week about it, none of these things are inherently bad, just different. So for now I'm going to adjust . When I've settled I can work on getting good at things.

To close here's something I worked on before university started, because it feels weird if I just have a wall of text going on here.

Oh these blogs are now weekly too, so going to have some fun with that.

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