Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 2: A Bumpy Start

Quick mention of last weeks project as I didn't actually mention it before. Last week was the first group project, the Asset Swap project. With this project we were given specific assets to concept,model,texture and put into a scene, with each member of the group tasked with completing on stage of each asset. For example I started off by concepting the table asset, after that was finished I moved onto modelling the bench asset, then texturing the tableware asset. This was mainly a project to get people used to working within a group and learning some basics of unreal engine 4. The overall scene (a romantic hog dinner for two) Turned out well despite having issues (on my end) with the texturing stage of the project.

Tableware asset which I textured

Final Scene
Now onto this week, and the Film Room Project. This project became a challenge early on as we only found out a few what we were going to model as our final scene. Originally we wanted to model the bath house from spirited away and turn the 2D stylised building into a realistic 3D scene.

However a change in the project brief meant that our film room had to be realistic to begin with, and an exact replica of one screenshot of the room that we picked. So the original plans were scraped Which was a fairly large bump in the road with this project. In light of the change we went through a lot of film screenshots to base our project on but ran into problems when it came to mapping out how to split the project. The rooms were either too complicated to do within the 2 weeks we had left or they were too simple for 4 people to work on. In the end though we had a tone of colourful and striking scenes to pick from:

After feedback on Thursday we narrowed it down to 2 film scenes. The bold and colourful throne room from Oz the great and powerful, Along with various greyscale, high contrast scenes from Sin City. In the end we decided to model Marv's childhood bedroom from Sin City.

This scene was mainly picked for the dynamic lighting in this shot,this is also one of the few scenes in Sin City that works without a character in it. 

I'm currently in charge of modelling and texturing the floor,walls, and suitcase of this scene, something I opted for because of the level or detail in the textures of each asset. I plan on finally trying out some Zbrush with this project, (which, right now is more complicated than I thought) sculpting the wood grain, cracks and wear of the floorboards, along with using alphas and decals for the imperfections on the wall. More progress on that next week.

Finally my picture of the week, a few figure drawings that I think turned out pretty well.

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