Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week 28- Lots of little changes

Still working on my character project, which on one hand is looking really good, but on the other it's taking a lot longer than I anticipated. Something I wouldn't normally mind, but I have 3 other projects to complete in the next few weeks so I'm going to have a very packed month of work ahead of me. I've had to put Off the Map on hold this Easter to get my character project going and I have a presentation and essay to plan for.
The week started with making some final changes to my model, outlined in last weeks blog post, changes that I happy to say have all been made.
I  tried a few experiments with my character mainly in adding details and messing with the hair. I attempted creating space between the hair via alphas to make the hair look more flame like, but it needs refining if I'm going to use this idea in the final texturing, as right now it looks a little sloppy.

Alpha map Test 1
Aplha map test 2
Iv'e added fabric patterns to the trims of my model which worked fairly well. One of my main aims in the resubmission was to add patterns to the fabric as I found it was lacking in detail the first time round. I painted in some cracks on the skin of my model as well as repainting the legs and hands, to give more of a volcanic feel to the design.

Honestly have no idea whether I'm going to get any of my other 3 projects done in time at the quality that I want them to be. Regardless the work that I've done so far is shaping up to be really good, and I'm proud of how much I've improved my character, just through lots of small tweaks.

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