Friday, 24 April 2015

Week 30- Character Resubmision Post-mortem

Dichotomous Duo Fire Character Resubmission-Post Mortem Q&A

Q: Did my end result represent what I wanted for this project?
Definitely! Before I started this project I outlined a few goals. The first was the bare minimum requirement set with my feedback. The facial topology of my original mesh was screwed up, now it's all fixed.

Checking back to my own evaluations I made at the beginning of my re-submission process I found that I've completely fixed almost all of the issues I had with the original design.

Original Model Evaluation
Minimal Paint over
Re-submission Evaluation
Q: Strengths I found during this project
-I've improved a lot with my texturing and I'm slowly getting better with my 3D modelling.

Q: Weaknesses I found during this project
-At the beginning of the project I fell into the trap of trying to drastically redesign my character. This set me back a couple of days.
-Modeling the hair still gave me problems the second time round.

Q. What stressed me out the most during this project?
-I didn't  stress that much actually, I finished the project in good time. There was some stress since I had to neglect 3 other projects to get this done, without those I would have been fine.
- I did want to improve my model using Zbrush by sculpting the hair and sash but I couldn't figure out the program in time to use it effectively.

Q: What did you learn?
-I learnt a cool Texture trick with normal maps. rather than overall a fabric texture on the diffuse like I did originally I transferred this texture straight to the normal maps.
10 top 3D texturing tips-José Alves da Silva
- I dabbled a bit in Marmoset Tool bag to produce the renders for my character; so I now know the     basic interface, and how to set up 3 point lighting.
- Learnt how to produce a basic flip-book animation in unreal 4
- Dabbled in Fresnel materials

Q: Things I'd do differently if I were to do this project again
-I don't plan on doing this project again.
-To add to this however I'd create a small environment to house this character, since I played around with the idea of placing her above a lava pool.

Overall this project went extremely well, and I've come out with a character that I'm proud to put in my portfolio.

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