Friday, 11 December 2015

Week 10- Polish Week

This week was dedicated mostly to writing an essay about my 3 previous projects, though I did manage to spend some time polishing the outcomes of my leyendecker Vikings and Nano Pirates:

Responding to feedback that I received on this project I focused on the render quality of my characters, looking into the lighting of Leyendecker and putting those into my finals.I was told that "particularly in the case of Hel, there are parts of the character where the edges feel flat rather than turning away, they lose their volume. The rule "Value change equals form change" should help you here. As a form turns away from a viewer, that face will be picking up either more light or shadow than before."

It was also noted that Hel was the only character with the leyndecker look With this in mind I produced some thumbnails in Leyendecker's style putting my other characters in that style. Unfortunately I only had the time to finish Hel's Promo Image:

For my Nano Pirates I improved my carpenter design, as it was the weakest design of my pirates. I also produced a Promotional image for my Captain character, then put some more development into my Sailing Master's Character sheet.

Promo Image Thumbnails

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