Friday, 4 December 2015

Week 9- Wilderness Warrior Hand in

Name: Sarah Wright
P Number: 1322992x
Project Title: GP- Highly Stylized Character Project

To create a miniature character based on the given concept for a mobile game. Use the concept as a guide and include all the key features. Textures are to be hand-painted and your model will be diffuse-only, through use of a sculpting program to accentuate the volume of diffuse shapes is completely acceptable.

The process for this included:
  • Evaluating and editing the existing concept.
  • Exploring colour pallets.
  • Sculpting a base model.
  • Retopologizing and modeling from the base sculpt.
  • unwrapping, texturing and rendering the model ready for presentation.
Concept Art:

Sculpting and Retopology:


final texture with alpha masks
Mount textures
Sketchfab Viewer:

Beauty Shots:

Evaluation Q&A

Q: How well did I manage my time?
Looking back on my time sheet I was pretty much spot on with my management. I finished a little bit earlier than expected so I had more time to put into setting up a scene.

Q: Did my end result represent what I wanted for this project?
This project went significantly better than I expected. Since this was my first time using sculpting for a project I was not entirely sure how this would turn out, and things weren't looking great at the retopology stage. It was only when I baked down my sculpt and put on the base textures that things started to come to life and I could visualize how this model would look in the end.

Q: Strengths I found during this project:
Hand painted texturing is a strength of mine and I feel like I showed it well in this project, as well as being able to quickly evaluate and edit a concept into something new. I think it would be fun to go all out with details on this model, but as it is supposed to be made for a mobile game I can get away with the details as they are. My presentation has improved to the point that I feel my beauty shots are portfolio ready.

Q: Weaknesses I found during this project:
Retopologizing my sculpt proved difficult when it came to areas like the hands and hair. and my unwrapping needs some work in a few places like the snail shell hair and slingshot, which made texturing difficult despite using a vertex painting programme.

Q. What stressed me out the most during this project?
Retopology and hitting the tri budget took a lot more time and energy that I originally anticipated.. Most auto retopology programmes that are used to quickly lay down topology on sculpts aren't effective on such a low poly model so everything needed to be connected manually with the exception of the hands, which were retopologized in zremesher and cut down in 3ds max.

Overall this project turned out great and i'm extremely happy with my results, to point where I can can see myself making a series of wilderness warriors in my spare time.

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