Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Week 8- Texturing!

At the end of last week I was given some feedback on the hair of my character, mainly the fact that the hair that she had would not fit under her the helmet in the concept. Since I had completely forgotten about the helmet I decided to sculpt that in as soon as possible, before I continued with my retopology. Luckily I could do this with a few adjustments, rather than having to completely redesign the hair. Here is the finished sculpt:

From here I continued with retopolgy, using 3D cioat for the body and face, then 3ds Max for the simpler accesories. Zremesher was also used for the hands and hair. The whole retoplgy proces took longer than I expected, mainly becasue of the low poly nature of this model. Auto retoplogy tools weren't an option for this model as they deal with much higher budgets than the one set for this project. I also ran into a glitch with 3d coat where I could not import objects I retoplogised in 3dsmax into 3D coat. so there was a lot of back and forth between programmes and time spent trying to fix this.

With the model complete I unwrapped it using 3ds Max and 3d Coat

From here I baked an AO and normal map (to use outside this project) from my sculpt to my low poly mesh in xNormal. As this was my first time using this programme there were a few mishaps, but I ended up with some good bakes that I could use for the basis of my texturing.

Baked maps

Starting texture

Following Feedback I smoothed out my model as well near the waist and under the chin, and then continued with my texturing. I wanted to add more character to the face so I added a few details. I also played around with having a slight expression on the face, (as well as a neutral look) since all of my current character models lack expression.

Here is my model at the end of the week:

At the end of this week I did complete my goals of:

  • Finish retopologizing my model
  • Unwrap model ready for texturing
  • Be well on my way with texturing.
Though I chose not to Sculpt in extra details to bake down into the base mesh as I felt that I could paint these in fine.

My goals for next week are:

  • Fully finish the texturing of my model.
  • Have the model rigged to a pose and rendered for presentation.
  • Stretch goal: Have an expression sheet for the character.

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