Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Week 22: Rabbit and Gardens

Last week I began modelling the White rabbit of the Alice in wonderland story. Going through the motions of 3D modelling, business as usual.  I did get stuck on the look that I wanted for my characters face however. There were two ideas, he first is going the route of more cartoon like rabbits. modeling the rabbit head with its eyes at the front of its head. or to model the rabbit off of the real animal with binocular vision.
Eyes up front
Eyes to the side
I attempted to morph a human face around the shape of a rabbits head for the first iteration, but I ended up with a very creepy rabbit head, so I swiftly moved onto the binocular vision rabbit, taking reference from a wild hare.

I also dabbled in the possibility of using Nvidia Hair works with my model, as recommended by my teammate Jake Roddis unfortunately Unreal engine does not support this plug-in nor the hair and fur modifier in max. So I'll most likely just paint the rabbit fur onto my model,

I also painted a few concepts for our current garden level. Inspired by William Morris and William de Morgan I had the idea of taking some of the ornate plant designs of the Victorian era, modelling them in 3D and using those as the plants within our game's garden, as a second iteration I went for using real English garden flowers to populate the level.

William De Morgans Tile Designs
Our Current Level

In the end I like the idea of  the illustrative flowers, I feel like they add add interest to the level however this style  does not appear at any other point with in the game so it would stick out way to much at the moment.To include these I think we would need to add more illustrative features in the prior levels,to make it work. Instead I'll I keep going and try to find some bright flowers to put into the scene.

I still have quite a bit to do in terms of both my White rabbit character and the garden but I'm slowly getting there. On to next week!

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