Sunday, 8 March 2015

Week 23: Cutting back

Not a lot to report for this week, I've been continuing with my White rabbit model, and have completed my own targets of getting the 3D model built and unwrapped by the end of the week. So It's now all ready to be rigged and skinned, although I do need to do further research into this, as of this moment there doesn't seem to be an easy way of importing a rigged character into unreal, and have it use the default character animations, like I want.
The biggest change to the project happened on Thursday with our group tutor meeting where we were told to cut out a lot of our game. I figured this was going to happen, but it was good to get a second perspective on the reasons why. the main point to take away at them end of the meeting was that the game was just too large to be finished to a good standard and needed to be cut down. Afterwards I made sure to keep everyone together to sort out what we had, what we still needed to do and what could be cut out to form a solid plan of action. Now we've cut down a large chunk of our game and have thoroughly planned asset creation and time frames.
Current Asset list
Unfortunately whilst doing this we have found that we really don't have much time at all to finish our game, so we continued to cut out aspects that could be put back in after our university hand in. It's a little touch and go at the moment but I'm sure we'll get everything done.

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