Saturday, 21 March 2015

Week 25 Part 1: Off the map Recap

 Now that The White rabbit is modeled, skinned and in game I've moved on to modelling my chosen assets for the underground and garden area of the game. I have a few Victorian clocks to model, the "Eat me" cake, and the majority of the super sized flowers that'll feature at the end of the level. Each of these comes with different challenges. The details on the Victorian clocks I've chosen to model will most likely need to be projection mapped onto  a low poly model, from a potentially sculpted high polygon model. Something which I have little experience in. The "Eat Me" cakes will need to be concepted before modelling. Finally the texture of the flowers may prove challenging, since they will be fairly close to the screen the textures need to be detailed and realistic to fit the style that were going for. this I can do to an extent, the big challenge is if I can get this effect with low polygon modelling and if I can push the textures of the flowers further, trying to get the subsurface scattering effect onto the flowers for example.

Example of subsurface Scattering
Here's what I have so far in terms of my assets:
Current Bluebell Model
Current Clock Models

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